Ecología y Nuevas Tecnologías S.L. is growing every day and with it its catalog, as a result of the company’s commitment to continuous research and development of new efficient LED lighting products.

The new NTE 2019 catalog presents a clean and simple design, highlighting the most important information, which makes it the ideal consultation tool for customers when reviewing any of the company’s product ranges quickly.

Among the proposals that NTE presents in this catalog, we can find new additions to the area of ​​industrial projectors or interior lighting, such as PM-PETROL, a specific product for service stations, or the new LINEAR.

Another novelty is the section dedicated to the remote management software developed by the company, where you will find a detailed explanation of its operation giving access to the remote control of all types of light installations, large or small, and allowing the customization of parameters such as the intensity of light or the connection time of the luminaire, and the integration of sensors of light and movement.

Download the new NTE 2019 catalog here.