Iluminación de la Piscina

Swimming pool lighting: the definitive guide for this summer

Now that summer is approaching, it’s time to brighten up your beloved pool to make it look really pretty. Get ready for night swims and parties in style.

In NTE Sistemas we are going to explain you in a very simple way how you can give that luminous touch to your swimming pool this summer, achieving very nice results.

Lighting without building work

Installing lighting in our swimming pool can be complicated if we decide to interfere once it has been built. We must bear in mind that, if we try to connect the wiring to the pool by drilling holes in the pool shell, we may cause an opening in the pool.

The best option may be LED surface spotlights, the most commonly used in cases where the pool has been built, as installation is relatively simple. You can also opt for recessed spotlights, taking care not to cause a breakdown. It is always preferable to leave these installations in the hands of qualified personnel.

What should we take into account?

The shape of the pool

As you know, not all pools are the same size and shape. The usual ones are usually circular or rectangular, although we can find irregular, abstract and rather curious shapes.

This issue should be taken into account when choosing the type of lighting that we are going to apply to the pool, as there will be areas that are very well eliminated and others that are not reached by a lot of light.

The pool curbs

Swimming pools usually have curbs, as they are embedded in a hollow. In this case, and without prior installation, you can choose to install recessed spotlights with IP in a very simple way without causing cracks.

How do we light the pool?

We can opt for various lighting alternatives without running the risk of suffering future leaks in our pool.

Solar beacons

These are a type of lamp that is charged by the solar energy received from a panel of photovoltaic cells. You can incorporate them as a light parade around the edges of the pool. They are convenient, simple and very easy to move. They store the energy in a rechargeable battery and are switched on at night with their darkness sensors, which usually last up to 8 hours. The final light is totally ecological and natural.

It is worth noting that, as there is no electrical element, there is no danger of leakage and it will not cause any electric current discharge. A highly recommended option when children are present. They also have a good price, so you will save in every way.

Lights placed in trees

There is nothing more natural than making the most of the trees in your garden. We can also use other elements of the vegetation in the garden. We can take advantage of the branches and the verticality of the trunk to accentuate the decorative tone of the lights.

It leaves a unique result when illuminating the pool, in the simplest and most effective way possible.

Floodlights with moonlight effect

There are all types and for all tastes. Similar to beacons, there are solar spotlights that you can also easily stick into the ground. There are also spotlights that can be fixed to the wall, so that the light can be directed towards a specific point.


Continuing with spotlights, this option will make your pool a magical place. It is a high-powered light projector, which projects the light of an LED lamp. They are ideal for obtaining a source of lighting in outdoor spaces, such as your garden.

They are quick and easy to install and you can even choose the power, temperature and colours to be projected onto the pool.

Floating lights

With decorative LED lights, you can show off your pool in style. They are very simple to use, water resistant and perfect for playing with different perspectives and scenery.

Decorative elements around the pool

We can put LED strips along the edge of the pool and other decorative elements such as planters with internal spotlights.

At NTE Sistemas we are at your disposal to advise you so that you have the perfect lighting for your pool and the rest of your projects, contact us!