What is LED grow light and what are the advantages for my plants?

Sistemas de iluminación LED Grow mostrando todos sus beneficios

LED Grow light is a lighting technique specifically designed for horticulture. This technology uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to emit a specific light that is tailored to meet the needs of plants while growing. In this article, we will explore in depth what LED Grow light is and the benefits it brings to crops. What is […]

Ultraviolet light: the formula for disinfecting hospitals

Luz ultravioleta para la desinfección de hospitales

One of the most important things in hospitals is hygiene. All of the surfaces have to be more than clean so that there is no possibility for bacteria or germs to grow. But this isn’t always as easy as it seems. Because with “normal” tools like vacuum cleaners, swabs or brooms it’s impossible to handle […]

Unlit or poorly lit streets can be more dangerous

Índice de criminalidad en calles sin luz

An unlit or poorly lit street can be synonymous with an unsafe street. The main reason, as recently warned by members of the State Security Forces and Corps and published in the media, is that with less light it is easier for criminals to commit crimes, as it will not be easy to see or […]

Lumen and Lux: What They Are and How They Differ

You will have heard the concepts “Lumen” and “Lux” many times in conversations about power and lighting. They are two terms that we must take into account to ensure an adequate amount of light and intensity in the points we want to illuminate, in addition to other factors such as temperature or type of light. […]

LED lights: 8 false myths you shouldn’t believe

LED lighting has triumphed in the market thanks to its saving capacity, efficiency, quality and high resistance. There are many consumers who know and enjoy LED lighting, but there are still doubts and lack of knowledge about how it works, which has led to false myths surrounding it. At NTE Sistemas, we are going to […]

The Unified Glare Rating (UGR)

Artificial lighting is an element that appears wherever we are. Therefore, when choosing the lights we are going to use, we must take into account several factors; among them, comfort. In this article we will talk about a parameter that tells us whether a light is comfortable to use or not: the Unified Glare Rating […]

LED Lights: Eco Lighting for the Environment

The introduction of LED lights has been a major paradigm shift in artificial lighting. This LED technology has improved both the efficiency and the lifetime of traditional light bulbs, which is why its use has been extended to various areas. Among the possibilities offered by LED lighting, one of the most important is its positive […]

What Is Smart Lighting and What Is It For?

Intelligent lighting is a lighting system that provides light when and where it is needed. The devices that make up this lighting make it easy to switch it on and off remotely. In the home, we can control this type of smart lighting from a mobile device or with a voice assistant. In other areas, […]