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22 de February de 2024

Leadership and Innovation in NTE: Boosting R&D Development from Murcia

At NTE, we pride ourselves on being leaders in innovation, setting the standard as pioneers in R&D development at our Murcia-based factory. Beyond adopting the conventional role of a manufacturer,...
tendencias de iluminacion

21 de December de 2023

3 lighting trends that are set to hit in 2024

Sustainability and new technologies have shaped the direction of professional lighting in recent years and this trend is set to continue in 2024.   LED lighting continues to emerge as...
Sistemas de iluminación LED Grow mostrando todos sus beneficios

15 de February de 2023

What is LED grow light and what are the advantages for my plants?

LED Grow light is a lighting technique specifically designed for horticulture. This technology uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to emit a specific light that is tailored to meet the needs of...
Iluminación de cruces peatonales

28 de January de 2023

Crosswalk illumination: Everything you need to know for guaranteeing the safety of the pedestrians

Pedestrian crossings are usually areas where lighting plays an essential role in ensuring pedestrian safety. In this post we are going to review the essential aspects when it comes to...
Luz cálida, neutra y fría

25 de January de 2023

Warm white, pure white or natural white: Which one to choose

The color temperature is a physical aspect which determines the shade of a determined light source. It is measured in Kelvin (K) and usually there are three mayor categories: Warm...
Iluminación arquitectónica

14 de January de 2023

Architectural lighting: How to choose and implement the right light

Architectural lighting is a discipline that is responsible for planning and designing the lighting of buildings and public spaces. The objective of architectural lighting is to improve the functionality, safety...
Túnel con iluminación debidamente instalada

28 de November de 2022

Illumination of tunnels: Advice for illuminating this type of public road works projects

Every step of an illumination project of tunnels, from the simplest to the most complex one, requires of certain requisites and standards which should be applied for being able to...
NTE Matelec 2022

19 de November de 2022

All the details about our time at MATELEC 2022

After closing its doors this year, Matelec has been one of the most important technology fairs of the south of Europe, thanks to its numerous visitors and exhibitors. For us...
Iluminación de carreteras y autovías

31 de October de 2022

Recommendations on how to illuminate roads and highways

It’s important to correctly illuminate roads or highways to avoid accidents and undesired glares especially at night. The illumination of roads is one of the most important things if we...
Luz ultravioleta para la desinfección de hospitales

15 de October de 2022

Ultraviolet light: the formula for disinfecting hospitals

One of the most important things in hospitals is hygiene. All of the surfaces have to be more than clean so that there is no possibility for bacteria or germs...
Feria Light + Building de Frankfurt

11 de October de 2022

More than 1.500 exhibitors made the Light + Building fair in Frankfurt a success

The international Light + Building fair in Frankfurt, Germany, where we participated as an exhibitor has come to an end. More than 1.500 exhibitors of 46 countries and nearly 93.000...
MATELEC Trade Fair

11 de October de 2022

NTE present at MATELEC, an event that will bring together 1.600 exhibitors at IFEMA

As being the most important fair of the electrical, electronical and telecommunication industry of the south of Europe, MATELEC is taking place for another year, from the 15th to 18th...
Índice de criminalidad en calles sin luz

25 de September de 2022

Unlit or poorly lit streets can be more dangerous

An unlit or poorly lit street can be synonymous with an unsafe street. The main reason, as recently warned by members of the State Security Forces and Corps and published...

19 de September de 2022

NTE present at the Sähko Valo Tele Av Fair in Finland

From the 7th to the 9th of September, our Export Director, Clara Zapata was in Finland with our colleagues from Greon at the Sähko Valo Tele Av fair Sähkömessut here...
Campo de fútbol con iluminación muy cuidada de todos sus elementos

5 de September de 2022

Football pitch lighting: Learn how to choose the best luminaires

Lighting a football pitch is so important that it depends on the type of match that is going to be played and will have to follow specific regulations. Not all...

5 de September de 2022

NTE present at the Light+Building Autumn 2022 Edition

INFORMATION IN ENGLISH You will find us at our exhibition stand F51 in the fair hall 4.1 (see map). Below, you can find some more information about us and our...

29 de August de 2022

Lighting of a Gas Station: The definitive guide to implement it correctly

Due to improved communications and the increasingly widespread use of passenger cars, transport trucks, etc. Service stations are an essential element for any user who travels. Gas stations are no...

15 de August de 2022

How to illuminate industrial areas: LED lighting of parking lots and garages

For the illumination of parking spaces or garages it’s essential to create very good visibility conditions for its users such as all kinds of drivers or pedestrians of all ages....

14 de July de 2022

Illumination of facades and monuments: all the keys to highlight the historical heritage

In NTE Sistemas we want to emphasize that a good treatment of the lighting of historic facades and monuments sign of identity of a population enhances, to a large extent,...

15 de June de 2022

Lighting in hotels: Find out the complete guide to obtain the best design that will make your guests fall in love with your hotel

Knowing the importance of lighting for a hotel and which are the most popular trends in the sector is essential to tackle a complete hotel lighting project. The hotel sector...

17 de May de 2022

Lumen and Lux: What They Are and How They Differ

You will have heard the concepts “Lumen” and “Lux” many times in conversations about power and lighting. They are two terms that we must take into account to ensure an...

5 de May de 2022

Our new product catalogue 2022 is now available online

NTE Sistemas is pleased to present our new 2022 catalogue. It consists of a digital and printed version, and will be a fundamental tool for the promotion of our products...

2 de May de 2022

4 ideas for summer lighting with LED lights

Summer is just around the corner and with it, the days at the beach, the nights on the terrace and balcony. Summer is the perfect season to escape from the...

29 de April de 2022

LED lights: 8 false myths you shouldn’t believe

LED lighting has triumphed in the market thanks to its saving capacity, efficiency, quality and high resistance. There are many consumers who know and enjoy LED lighting, but there are...

13 de April de 2022

Swimming pool lighting: the definitive guide for this summer

Now that summer is approaching, it’s time to brighten up your beloved pool to make it look really pretty. Get ready for night swims and parties in style. In NTE...

23 de March de 2022

The Unified Glare Rating (UGR)

Artificial lighting is an element that appears wherever we are. Therefore, when choosing the lights we are going to use, we must take into account several factors; among them, comfort....

3 de March de 2022

Launch of our new corporate image

We are pleased to present our new corporate image. In NTE Sistemas we are looking to update our online presence, in order to pursue new goals and objectives. The new...

25 de February de 2022

Lighting in gyms and sports centres: the definitive guide

It has been proven that the impact of light on people can completely change their mood, motivation and energy. That’s why the right lighting in gyms and fitness centres is...

9 de February de 2022

LED Lighting for Industrial Buildings

LED technology lighting is already a reality in various areas of our lives. One of its possible uses is in the lighting of industrial buildings. In this article we will...

27 de January de 2022

LED Lights: Eco Lighting for the Environment

The introduction of LED lights has been a major paradigm shift in artificial lighting. This LED technology has improved both the efficiency and the lifetime of traditional light bulbs, which...

14 de January de 2022

LED lighting for houseplants: the complete guide

One of the main drawbacks for many people when it comes to having houseplants is the lack of light. Until not so long ago, there was a belief that plants...

30 de December de 2021

How to choose an LED bulb to save money in the home

One of the main advantages of LED bulb systems is energy saving. Choosing the right model for your home is not an easy task sometimes. There are several elements that...

27 de November de 2021

What Is Smart Lighting and What Is It For?

Intelligent lighting is a lighting system that provides light when and where it is needed. The devices that make up this lighting make it easy to switch it on and...

22 de November de 2021

What are the advantages of LED lighting?

The advantages of LED lighting go far beyond simply saving energy. They bring many benefits to the environments in which we live and work every day. It improves our performance,...

12 de November de 2021

Visit us Hall 4.1 Stand H51

ECOLOGÍA Y NUEVAS TECNOLOGÍAS S.L. NTE will be present as an exhibitor in Frankfurt, at the world’s leading lighting fair LIGHT + BUILDING from March 13 to 18, 2022 at Stand...

11 de November de 2021

Direct trade mission Portugal

Our Company Ecología y Nuevas Tecnología S.L has participated in the Direct Commercial Mission to Portugal to promote our products in this country, from September 20 to 24, 2021. A...

16 de March de 2020


Dear customers and suppliers, Given the current situation and in line with the provisions approved by the Government of Spain in view of the expansion of COVID-19, from NTE we...

6 de September de 2019


ECOLOGÍA Y NUEVAS TECNOLOGÍAS S.L. will attend LIGHT MIDDLE EAST, the main exhibition fair, conferences and awards in the Middle East for lighting design and technology. Lighting manufacturers and system...

2 de June de 2019


Aware of the importance of projecting a web image in accordance with our identity and values, from Ecología y Nuevas Tecnologías we have made a comprehensive redesign, in order to...