Architectural lighting: How to choose and implement the right light

Iluminación arquitectónica

Architectural lighting is a discipline that is responsible for planning and designing the lighting of buildings and public spaces. The objective of architectural lighting is to improve the functionality, safety and aesthetics of buildings and spaces through the use of light. Good architectural lighting can create a comfortable and safe environment, highlight the beauty of […]

Illumination of tunnels: Advice for illuminating this type of public road works projects

Túnel con iluminación debidamente instalada

Every step of an illumination project of tunnels, from the simplest to the most complex one, requires of certain requisites and standards which should be applied for being able to guarantee a comfortable lighting situation for the drivers. There’s a big difference between the illumination of a tunnel and the illumination of public streets, because […]

Recommendations on how to illuminate roads and highways

Iluminación de carreteras y autovías

It’s important to correctly illuminate roads or highways to avoid accidents and undesired glares especially at night. The illumination of roads is one of the most important things if we want to make sure every driver is able to drive safely. Because it is proven that worse lit streets bear a higher risk of accidents. […]

Unlit or poorly lit streets can be more dangerous

Índice de criminalidad en calles sin luz

An unlit or poorly lit street can be synonymous with an unsafe street. The main reason, as recently warned by members of the State Security Forces and Corps and published in the media, is that with less light it is easier for criminals to commit crimes, as it will not be easy to see or […]

Football pitch lighting: Learn how to choose the best luminaires

Campo de fútbol con iluminación muy cuidada de todos sus elementos

Lighting a football pitch is so important that it depends on the type of match that is going to be played and will have to follow specific regulations. Not all the luminaires on the market are going to be the same, each one has its own characteristics. In addition, it will be necessary to know […]

Lighting of a Gas Station: The definitive guide to implement it correctly

Due to improved communications and the increasingly widespread use of passenger cars, transport trucks, etc. Service stations are an essential element for any user who travels. Gas stations are no longer facilities where only fuel is served and now have a multitude of services such as supermarkets, restaurants, cafeterias or car washes. That is why […]

How to illuminate industrial areas: LED lighting of parking lots and garages

For the illumination of parking spaces or garages it’s essential to create very good visibility conditions for its users such as all kinds of drivers or pedestrians of all ages. The overall importance here is safety – if then, by using different energy-saving systems, the installation additionally is going to be amortizing itself in no […]

Swimming pool lighting: the definitive guide for this summer

Now that summer is approaching, it’s time to brighten up your beloved pool to make it look really pretty. Get ready for night swims and parties in style. In NTE Sistemas we are going to explain you in a very simple way how you can give that luminous touch to your swimming pool this summer, […]

Lighting in gyms and sports centres: the definitive guide

It has been proven that the impact of light on people can completely change their mood, motivation and energy. That’s why the right lighting in gyms and fitness centres is crucial for the performance and mood of sports enthusiasts. Do you want to know more about perfect lighting in the gym? From NTE Sistemas we […]

LED Lighting for Industrial Buildings

LED technology lighting is already a reality in various areas of our lives. One of its possible uses is in the lighting of industrial buildings. In this article we will look at some of the key points. History: traditional lighting First of all, it is necessary to know the past in order to understand the […]

LED lighting for houseplants: the complete guide

One of the main drawbacks for many people when it comes to having houseplants is the lack of light. Until not so long ago, there was a belief that plants could not grow indoors because they lacked light. With the various technologies that have emerged, lighting systems were formed that could be used for some […]