Lighting in gyms and sports centres: the definitive guide

It has been proven that the impact of light on people can completely change their mood, motivation and energy. That’s why the right lighting in gyms and fitness centres is crucial for the performance and mood of sports enthusiasts.

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Advantages of LED lighting in gyms

LED lighting in gyms is one of the best options. These must be homogeneous, uniform and without shadows.

They offer numerous advantages:

Low glare

LED lighting offers a low level of glare, making them ideal for such spaces that contain reflective surfaces such as machines or mirrors. Glare is distracting and distracting, so perfect illumination is important.

Dimming and controls

Dimming and controls can be used to adapt the light to the space, making each space suitable for the particular activity to be carried out.

But it can also be adapted to create a relaxing atmosphere for exercises such as pilates and yoga.

Uniform lighting

You no longer have to worry about uneven lighting distribution. Thanks to LED lights, every corner of the gym can be equally illuminated, making shadows disappear.

Saving on energy and electricity bills

Normally, the cost of lighting is usually the main expense for gyms. LED lighting is therefore ideal for reducing costs by providing the right light. It helps to reduce electricity by more than 50%, saving every month, making it a perfect investment.

Long lasting

These lights can last up to 10 years, which means you won’t need to spend money on switching to another lighting option. In other words, it saves a lot of money due to its long life and the fact that it does not need to be changed frequently. This saves on maintenance and makes them a lighting ally for your gym.

Cool or warm lights

As we mentioned earlier, the type of lighting is key in gyms because it influences people’s concentration and activity. Thus, cool white LED lights are the best option to stimulate and encourage activity, making people more attentive and focused.

On the other hand, warm lights are used more effectively to create restful and relaxing environments. This type of light is very useful for resting between exercises and for meditation or yoga spaces.

Area lighting

Typically, gyms have different areas that are lit in different ways to determine their style and function.

Training areas

This is where members spend most of their time in the gym.

One mistake is to use very high lighting. Soft light is ideal for sport, as people will repeatedly lie down to perform certain exercises and fix their eyes on the ceiling. If the light is too bright, members will be uncomfortable and find it difficult to concentrate on their workout.

Weight room

In these rooms intense workouts are carried out, so the light will be a decisive element for the motivation of the trainees. In other words, the lighting in the weight room will be brighter compared to the training area.

Similarly, the height of the ceiling can influence the intensity of the light.

Cardio room

Cardio rooms should have powerful lighting, with recessed LED lights being the most recommended.

These rooms are equipped with elliptical machines and treadmills that require bright, intense lighting with low glare and high uniformity.

Locker area

In these areas the lighting should be soft so that people feel comfortable. This locker area is where members place their important items, so it must be lit correctly to keep members happy.

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