Warm white, pure white or natural white: Which one to choose

Luz cálida, neutra y fría

The color temperature is a physical aspect which determines the shade of a determined light source. It is measured in Kelvin (K) and usually there are three mayor categories: Warm white (up to 3.500K): it’s a warm, yellow tone which is considered very comfortable and “homely” Natural white (3.500 – 4.500K): it’s the light the […]

4 ideas for summer lighting with LED lights

Summer is just around the corner and with it, the days at the beach, the nights on the terrace and balcony. Summer is the perfect season to escape from the stifling heat of our house, the one that prevents us from falling asleep at the drop of a hat. It is also a perfect opportunity […]

How to choose an LED bulb to save money in the home

One of the main advantages of LED bulb systems is energy saving. Choosing the right model for your home is not an easy task sometimes. There are several elements that you must take into account to choose the one that best suits you. If you have ever wondered how to choose the right LED bulb, […]

What are the advantages of LED lighting?

The advantages of LED lighting go far beyond simply saving energy. They bring many benefits to the environments in which we live and work every day. It improves our performance, helps us to feel comfortable, allows us to customize it to suit our needs… In this article you will discover why LED lights are the […]