How to choose an LED bulb to save money in the home

One of the main advantages of LED bulb systems is energy saving. Choosing the right model for your home is not an easy task sometimes. There are several elements that you must take into account to choose the one that best suits you. If you have ever wondered how to choose the right LED bulb, in this article we are going to give you some tips to help you choose the best option.

Why choose an LED bulb to save money at home?

LED bulbs are currently the most popular types of light bulbs on the market. They are models that work on the inclusion of light-emitting diodes. In short, they have a low consumption.

LED bulbs are a very efficient model to produce light. It has about 80% savings over incandescent bulbs. They are also considered to be much better than classic energy-saving bulbs. The 14W LED bulb is equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb and a 20W energy saving bulb.

Characteristics that affect the consumption of an LED

There are a number of characteristics that affect the consumption of the LED bulbs you choose for your home. You should take into account basic aspects before choosing a particular model.

  • Efficiency measurement. LED bulbs usually have a different size. You need to know the energy equivalence compared to traditional bulbs.
  • Power of the LED bulb. This is the luminous capacity and energy consumption it has. The lower the power, the lower the consumption.
  • Useful life. Looking at the lifespan of the LED bulb allows you to know the durability and therefore, the cost of replacements.

How to choose an LED bulb to save energy in your home?

Energy label

You can find out the efficiency of the LED bulb by looking at the energy label. This label is responsible for assessing how efficient and cost-effective an LED bulb is. The energy label is divided into letters and colours, with A being the most efficient model and E being the most inefficient. As mentioned above, LED bulbs allow us to save up to 80% compared to an incandescent bulb.

How much light do you need?

In addition to choosing an efficient LED bulb, you need to know what type of light and how much light you need. To choose the type of light you should ask yourself what atmosphere you want in your room: warmer, cooler… The colour of the bulb is shown in the kelvin temperature.

Contrary to what many people think, the amount of light is measured in lumens and not in watts. To know when one bulb is more efficient than another, it is sufficient to understand that a bulb is more efficient when it can give the same amount of light (in lumens) as another with a lower power consumption (watts). If they have the same wattage, you have to look at which bulb produces more light.

Remember that more is not better. The ideal LED bulb should always be matched to the needs of your home.

Eco-friendly and dimmable bulbs

It is just as important to choose a bulb that is environmentally friendly to reduce the ecological footprint of your home. You can also choose a dimmable bulb

There are other aspects to choosing a light bulb, such as being environmentally friendly, dimmable and allowing light to be distributed through different degrees of aperture.

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