NTE present at MATELEC, an event that will bring together 1.600 exhibitors at IFEMA

As being the most important fair of the electrical, electronical and telecommunication industry of the south of Europe, MATELEC is taking place for another year, from the 15th to 18th of November at the IFEMA in Madrid.

Expectations are high as there will be more than 1.600 exhibitors and about 90.000 anticipated visitors during the four days of the fair.

This fair is a great get-together and networking occasion, giving us the oppotuniy to consolidate ourselves as a referee in national and international illumination. We are already looking forward to widen our network and show you all of our qualitative projects.

MATELEC is the perfect place to exhibit our products as well as the novelties we were wroking on. At NTE we are always focused on development by doing market researches for the latest trends in illumination or new technologies as well as for the progress in LED manufactoring. Thanks to that, we are able to always offer best quality, highest efficiency and best customer service in the most productive, safe and sustainable way possible.

Illumination 4.0 and sustainability

The digital technology 4.0 will be one of the main topics of this fair, because of the revelation of the ultimate novelties on the market to obtain smart buildings and illumination systems even more intelligent and efficient.

This kind of technology will be a game changer in our future cities with its infinite applications that help us making our lifes easier and our homes, offices and cities way more comfortable.

At the same time this fair is about another key aspect in the world of illumination: sustainability.

There ist a great demand for the systems that we use to be eco-friendly, to not waste energy and at the same time prevent the environment from light pollution.

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